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First, I will say so many thanks for visiting of my simple blog , but behind of this simplicity, has contained the words which may be very useful for us and all who has read.

How do we find the word of SUCCESS in our life? The answer of this question is very broad, and each of person has their own answer at many different version. and I will try to answer with my own version,with all my weaknesses and strengths, of course.

I would like to invite and to think for a moment about the global economic situation, as now, rising unemployment, income is greater than the expenditures, our company threatened bankruptcy, debt growing up, stressing due to thinking about the future of your childrens and our beloved family, Your job now, can not guarantee for your future. Of course you had to think how your family's economic after you stop /retired from your job .This is a fact that we often find in real life dailys. This is a nightmare that must have all the people never want to get this experiences, I hope you do not become a one part of that stories above.

That is the fact that I had ever experienced in the past, and now I was very touched when recall.
. Upss ..... , I forgot, my name Euis R, a businesswoman who was just an ordinary housewife long time ago. I got a motivated to help my husband to earn an additonal income to our family, I live in a country that has a small wage workers. As it was my husband, he earn an wages from her job might be just enough for meals and several other requirements with our three childrens, although I appreciate to the company who raised my husband's career, they are credited with helping the welfare of its employees, but after the global crisis hit, we were not able to again to hire a maid:) I had time to think how the future of our children will ...... Until I met with one company, that I do not believe any of the previous, but God willed other, I was perforced to join them because of persuasion from someone, who first think, because the only pity to him. He was a friend of my husband, now he's becoming a one who has successed, beyond what he expected before. Great job...........!!! TO BE CONTINUE

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